A New Beginning - A New Design



My blog is alive! It’s long ago that I decided to put up a technical blog. Back in 2007/2008 I started out with Wordpress. However, I wasn’t satisfied. I’m not sure why, but Wordpress and I never became good friends. I then encountered Octopress, which much better suited my geeky nature. Like with Wordpress, I actually manage to get something up and running. It then died.

Several times, I’ve been asking myself why I never manage to get things rolling. I actually came to a conclusion: it’s all about design. The blog was lacking my visual identity. It may seem like a contradiction that a geeky backend developer actually care about these things. But I do.

In my daily job as a .NET consultant, I’ve been mostly working on the backend or with a WPF frontend the last 3-4 years. I therefore do miss html and css, and I’m regularly spending my spare time refreshing web based technologies. Some time I even use Keynote for prototyping or Sketch when the “wannabe designer” in me is awake.

With a rather clear design in mind, I once again restarted my blog. This time around, I went for Jekyll. Although I’m a big fan of Ghost and a Medium reader, Jekyll fits my needs very well. There is something apellingly simple with it; no database or other integrations, just static html.

Anyway, for those few of you who actually have reached my blog the last year or so, have seen the following “work in progress” page.

There, I promised to be back. Now I am, with my own, custom design.

Thanks for reading!