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Modern applications with Azure Search

21 June 2017
1 min
#azure #azure-search

On November 15th, 2016, Peter Lillevold and I held a presentation at NNUG Oslo on Azure Search. NNUG is an abbreviation for Norwegian .Net User Group and there is a user group meeting about once a month. The presentation was recorded, and is now available on Vimeo. Here it...

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Actually, this is .NET 101. Probably everyone who has worked with the Random class already knows this. However, last week we encountered a Heisenbug in one of our feature, and this blog post is just a reminder of how the Random class works.

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System.Random and random sequences

06 January 2016
2 mins #math-random

Math.Round() - Did you know this?

04 January 2016
1 min #math-round

Our project is delivering calculation heavy software used by engineers. We are performing complex numeric operations, and it’s utterly crucial that our software is calculating correctly. Recently, one in our team just encountered that Math.Round() is behaving differently than what we have expected.

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A New Beginning - A New Design

23 December 2015
2 mins